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10 Tricks to Make Your Kitchen and Bathrooms Look Gorgeous!

10 Amazing Kitchen Ideas for Modern Home Renovations

Creating a great kitchen and bathrooms renovations is about more than just choosing the right fixtures. It’s about creating spaces that are not only practical but also beautiful, with the potential to wow anyone who enters them. Kitchens and bathrooms can be challenging rooms to style. They are places where function tends to dictate design, which gives us little room for error. After all, if your kitchen or bathroom isn’t easy to use — or doesn’t look good — you won’t want to spend much time in it. So how do you create amazing spaces in these small areas? With a few clever tricks of course!

Go for quality over quantity

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be a high-traffic areas, so you want to go for a higher quality material that will be more durable and last longer. While the subway tiles you like may seem cheaper, they will need to be replaced sooner than you’d like. Opting for higher quality tiles that are less porous will last a lot longer and be far more resistant to stains and water damage. While this means a slightly higher investment, it will be worth it in the long run. This also applies to your fixtures. Instead of opting for the cheapest taps and faucets out there, consider investing in something that is built to last. This may seem like a higher upfront cost, but you will save money in the long run by having fewer repairs or replacements. Plus, nicer-looking fixtures will make the room look more expensive and help you achieve that look you’re going for.

Re-think storage

If you want to increase the amount of storage in your kitchen, it is usually a good idea to change the layout of your kitchen. An easy way to add more storage space is to add a couple of built-in cabinets. Unfortunately, changing the layout of your kitchen is not a quick and simple process, but it is definitely worth it. Or, you can take a more modest approach to adding storage by adding small open shelving units above the kitchen sink, or adding a small cabinet above the toilet in a bathroom. These are the perfect spots for items like cleaning supplies, toothbrushes, and toilet paper; items that are often forgotten about until you need them — but not when you need them.

Add height with paint

Kitchens and bathrooms are often low-ceilinged rooms. While this helps keep them sleek and minimalist, it can make them feel a bit cramped and uninviting. Transform the feel of your kitchen or bathroom by adding a coat of paint to the ceiling. While painting the ceiling may be an idea you’ve heard before, the results can often look tacky and dated. To avoid this, opt for a shade that is slightly darker than white, and make sure you apply enough coats for the colour to be fully saturated. If you want to go the extra mile, you can add a coat of glitter paint. This gives you the same effect as a traditional paint job, but with a little bit of something extra.

Keep the walls white

Wallpaper is a beautiful and stylish way to add texture to a room. However, it has received a bad rap in recent years due to its high-maintenance maintenance, as well as its environmental impact. If you are looking to create a sophisticated and stylish kitchen or bathroom, then it is worth going the white wall route. White walls not only help to brighten a room, but they are also a stylish, easy to clean option. And if a white wall ever gets stained or dirty, you can simply wipe it clean. In addition, white walls can be styled in so many different ways, which makes it a great choice for these small rooms.

Try tall windows

Windows are fantastic architectural features that allow light and air into a room, transforming it into a beautiful space. However, they are often placed in a spot that removes them from the main focus of the room. So, if you have tall windows in your bathroom or kitchen, think about making them a focal point. You can do this by styling the window with a pretty curtain, or by placing a piece of furniture directly in front of it. Tall windows can be a great source of light in a room, but you don’t want them to overpower the rest of the room. It is important to style them, but also to style the rest of the room.

Commit to a few key colours

To create a cohesive look in your kitchen or bathroom, opt for a few key colours and incorporate them into your design. Whether you are choosing tiles for the backsplash, paint colours for the walls, or accents for furniture, try and stick to one to three colours at most. This will help bring the room together without appearing too cluttered. Colour is a great way to add some personality to a room and is a quick and easy way to update your kitchen or bathroom. If you are not quite sure where to start, the colour wheel is a great tool to help you pick colours that will work well together.

Maximize natural light with mirrors

Kitchens and bathrooms are often lacking natural light, which can make them feel dark and uninviting. There are a couple of ways you can add more light to your kitchen or bathroom. You can add skylights or transform your windows into mirrors. Mirrors can be hung on walls, placed above windows, or even placed on the backs of cabinets. They are a great way to add light and reflect it throughout a room. When reflecting light in a kitchen or bathroom, be sure to pick a mirror that is easy to clean so it stays looking nice for longer.

Add contrast with bold colours

If you want to add a bold touch to your kitchen or bathroom, opting for a bold colours is the way to go. While you can go with any colours you want, classic colours such as red, blue, and yellow, are a great option. If you are unsure whether or not these bold colours are right for your space, try painting an accent wall. This is the perfect way to test out a colours without committing to painting the entire room.

Final words

As you can see, kitchens and bathrooms are small rooms that can be difficult to style. However, they don’t have to be! With a few clever tricks, you can create amazing kitchens and bathrooms that are not only functional but also beautiful. Now that you are familiar with these tricks, you can use them to style your kitchen and bathrooms, creating spaces that are not only practical but also beautiful, with the potential to wow anyone who enters them.

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